Tuesday, February 18, 2020


EXPERTS finally may have identified the long lost tomb of Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome.

A rock sarcophagus unearthed in the Italian capital is believed to have once held the remains of the city's first king after his death in the 6th century BC.

The 4.6 foot-long coffin was found in an area dedicated to Romulus within a hidden underground temple at the Roman Forum.

The Forum, a rectangular plaza in the heart of Rome, was once a huge marketplace surrounded by ancient government buildings.

"This is an extraordinary discovery. The forum never ceases to yield amazing fresh treasures," said Alfonsina Russo, director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park.

According to legend, Romulus founded Rome in 735 BC after murdering his twin brother Remus in a fight over where the city should be built.

The story goes that the siblings were born to a princess named Rhea Silvia after she got frisky with the fierce Roman god of war, Mars.

Romulus apparently set up the foundations of Roman politics and society, paving the way for the Roman Empire, which conquering vast swathes of Europe, West Asia and North Africa between 27 BC and 476 AD.

The underground temple where the ancient ruler's suspected tomb was found is located below the entrance stairway to Curia.

The building still stands today and was where Roman senators once met to vote.
According to Ms Russo, scholars think the temple's alter was positioned where Romans believed Romulus to be buried.

The coffin did not contain any remains, meaning the archaeologists' claims are impossible to verify.

The finding was made near the Lapis Niger, an ancient black shrine in the Roman Forum, according to Andreas Steiner, editor of the Italian magazine Archeo.

Discovered in 1899, the shrine features a Greek inscription referring to sacred ground nearby that should not be disturbed.

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