Friday, February 21, 2020


OUR spiritual leader Antonius Subia this week visited the Temple of Horus at Edfu (photos below) ... and by sacred synchronicity, February 21st is the Day of Counting the Parts of the Eye of Horus. 

During one of the battles between Horus and Seth, Seth shattered one of Horus' eyes. 

Thoth found all the pieces and numbered them as fractions and reconstructed the Horus eye. 

But nothing on Earth is perfect, and when Thoth remade the eye, he found that he only had 63/64ths ... one tiny piece was missing ... the missing fraction is magic! 

Each fraction of the Eye also represents one of the senses: 1/64 is Touch, 1/32 Taste, 1/16 Hearing, 1/8 Thought, 1/4 sight, and 1/2 Smell. 

And when these are added together we also find it is 63/64ths ... and thanks to Thoth, the lord of magic, the last 64th is Magic!


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