Wednesday, January 16, 2019


THE election of a right-wing, self-confessed homophobe as president has resulted in a boom in same-sex marriages in Brazil.

While conventional weddings have decreased, same-sex weddings have risen by 10 per cent since President Jair Bolsonaro was elected in late 2018.

Brazil's first Priest of Antinous, DECO RIBEIRO, says: 

"It was our way of protesting. And a significant one: In 2018, while so-called traditional marriages lessened, gay marriages reached an increase peak of 10 per cent."

Ribeiro, high priest of the TEMPLO DE ANTÍNOO BRASIL, adds: "We're forming our own Theban Band of gay lovers/soldiers. Antinous-Mars is surely blessing us all!"

Bolsonaro has been criticised for homophobic comments, including saying that he would rather have a dead son than a gay son and that he is "proud to be a homophobe."

Bolsonaro, for years a minor figure in congress best known for his outbursts against women, gay people and black people, managed to turn Brazil's rampant political corruption and violent crime into an election opportunity, billing himself as the candidate who would restore law and order.

He also won over many voters with his culturally conservative agenda.

While campaigning, he accused previous left-leaning governments of distributing "gay kits" in schools, a reference to sexual education materials that he said "perverted" students.

Meanwhile, we are proud to announce that the first Temple of Antinous in Brazil officially has been recognized in ceremonies by the state of São Paulo.

The honor came on the first anniversary of the consecration of the TEMPLO DE ANTÍNOO BRASIL

The temple's high priest, veteran journalist and educator DECO RIBEIRO, shown in both photos on this page, was honored by state officials and by Claudiney Prieto, who is the guiding light of paganism in Brazil.

Decus Lupercus, his priestly name as sacerdote, was honored for his efforts to promote paganism in general and Antinous in particular.

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