Sunday, January 27, 2019


WORSHIPERS on both sides of the Atlantic joined hands via Skype in ceremonies at the Hollywood Temple of Antinous celebrating Emperor Hadrian's birthday.

This spectacular modern-era terracotta bust of Hadrian was duly consecrated during the ceremonies. (More photos below.)

Flamen Antonius Subia had issued a global invitation via social networks for participation in the evening's ceremonies commemorating the 1,942nd anniversary of the birth of Hadrian.

"We honor Hadrian because without him there would be no Religion of Antinous," Flamen ANTONIUS SUBIA told the worshipers who had gathered in Hollywood, along with live participation from priests and adherents in Europe.

"Hadrian loved Antinous with all his heart and with all his soul. And yet, when Antinous died he could have kept Antinous in his heart to treasure alone for all eternity," Antonius said.

"But instead, he shared Antinous with the world," he added, raising his hands toward images of Hadrian and Antinous on the temple's sacred altar.

"He issued an imperial command that temples to Antinous be erected throughout the Empire," the Hollywood high priest explained, "and that statues, busts and sacred images of Antinous be created to perpetuate his memory."

Even in the darkest times after the Fall of Rome, Antinous continued to serve as a beacon for homosexuals through the centuries.

"Antinous was revered by gay people throughout the centuries, even in the Killing Times when gays were burned and persecuted, even during the Gay Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis ... and also as gay people continue to suffer today," he said.

"Instead of keeping Antinous locked in his heart, Hadrian shared a portion of Antinous with us," Antonius added, speaking in English and in Spanish for participants in Mexico City. 

"He permitted us to share in his loving relationship with Antinous, and in doing so, he forever changed the way gay people have seen themselves," he told the congregants.

Officiating at the Hollywood Temple as others took part via Skype, Antonius lighted incense and offered libations in celebration of the birth and life of Hadrian and his unprecedented step to deify his gay lover ... the ultimate Classical deity.

"He was the most powerful man in the world, who loved Antinous so much that he declared him a god," Antonius told worshipers.

"He did that as representative of Zeus on Earth, emblem of the ruler of the Cosmos, the great eagle," Antonius added.

"Hadrian is the bringer of order out of chaos, founder of our religion," he went on. "He is the divine lover of Antinous ... our model ... and our God."

British Priest of Antinous Martinus Campbell added this special prayer:

"For so many LGBT+ folk, it is our fathers who are the first to reject us. We fly the nest and seek other male figures to guide us, guard us and give us love. We tend to turn away from the all powerful, omnipotent, male God that most of us have been raised to worship. He rejects you. We feel that void of masculine divinity. Yet the answer lies here, with the noble Hadrian - the emperor that people so often forget is also a God. Antinous is our saviour, our revelation, our divine soul brother - he is us, we are him. Hadrian, meantime, is our rock, our foundation and the God who points to the Antinous star. When we worship Antinous, we worship Hadrian too. Ave Hadrian".

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