Saturday, February 16, 2013



THE spectacular mid-air explosion of a meteor over Russia coinciding with a fly-by of a near-Earth asteroid reminds us of ... Egyptian Meteor Glass!

This famous scarab pectoral of Tutankhamun features a giant piece of Desert Meteor Glass ... created when a meteor or asteroid came down over the Egyptian desert ... similar to the Russian meteor fragments ... the blistering atmospheric fireball 10,000 times the intensity of any known nuclear device, creating surface temperatures of 1,800C, and leaving behind a field of glass ...

The Egyptians must have marveled at this strange Glass of the Gods which lay strewn about the desert sands in the middle of no where.

They knew that there was nothing else like it in the world. And so they valued this odd yellowish-green glass as being truly sacred and therefore far more valuable than any other gemstone and fit only for a God-King to wear in a fabulous piece of jewelry.

Hadrian loved mysterious natural phenomena, of course, as we know. 

It is highly likely that the Egyptians showed him bits of this strange Sacred Glass of the Gods. 

Very possibly, the Emperor and his Beloved Boy even received jewelry made with such glass.

Perhaps a stunning pectoral necklace like King Tut's is waiting to be found in the Lost Tomb of Antinous!

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