Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Lust, Love and Longing in the Ancient World

CALLING all you impish Valentines: here's a sexy guide to all things erotic in the Ancient World.

Homosexuality, masturbation, orgies, prostitution and taboo-less sex were all part of the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman world, whose appreciation for nudity was depicted in many male artifacts.

In her latest book recently released under the title "THE JOY OF SEXUS – Lust, Love and Longing in the Ancient World," Vicki León attempts in a total of 89 true tales to inform her readers in a detailed fashion about the sex life of ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians and other people who lived long ago across the Mediterranean.

If you liked León's take on working life in ancient cultures (mummification artists, orgy planners) in WORKING IX TO V, and if you got a kick out of her book on science and superstition entitled HOW TO MELLIFY A CORPSE, then you will LOVE her new book on love and sex.

León goes far beyond of modern beliefs about sex in ancient times, taking readers on a raunchy tour of aphrodisiacs and anti-aphrodisiacs, contraception, nymphomania, gayness, bisexuality, cross-dressing, and gender-bending.

She explains Roman citizens' fear of hermaphrodites, investigates the stinging price paid for adultery despite the ease of divorce, introduces readers to a surprising array of saucy pornographers, and even describes the eco-friendly dildos used by libidinous ancients.

Love also gets its due, with true tales of the lifelong bonds between military men, history's first cougar (an older woman chasing a younger man) and her devoted relationship with Julius Caesar, as well as the deification of Hadrian's gay lover Antinous.

The book also sheds light on anal sex, poly-sexuality as well as the role of kissing and marriage in ancient civilizations.

Publishers Weekly has already issued a Starred Review on the book describing it as "a snappy ride into the stunning, sometimes barbaric, and always entertaining sexuality of the ancient world [...] not covered in high school textbooks."

The 320-page paperback book was published on January 29 by Walker & Company.

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