Sunday, February 3, 2013


A bronze "Herme" crossroads guardian statue has been unveiled in Turkey after being found in Antalya and lovingly cleaned up.

Standing 95 cm tall (3 feet), the nearly intact ithyphallic statue has a beautiful face and upper torso and ... as always with Herme statues ... an erect phallus. It dates from the era of Constantine the Great.

The head of the excavations, Professor Havva İşkan Işık, said the bronze statue was unique in Turkey and the world, saying usually they are stone.

He said, "We have never found such a statue before." Işık said the statue was estimated to date back to the period of Emperor Constantine. "This is a work from the late period, which makes it more special," he said.

Following the unveiling of the statue, it was observed that the statue resembled the modern day people of the Antalya region of Turkey where it was found.

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