Thursday, December 27, 2012



JUST like in the movies, Russell Crowe has come to the rescue of a noble soldier of Rome by convincing Italian authorities that they must restore the tomb of ancient Roman General Marcus Nonius Macrinus.

The recently unearthed tomb of the famous general, who was the inspiration for the character played by Crow in GLADIATOR, had been slated to be re-buried because authorities said they could not afford to restore it.


But Crowe spearheaded a petition drive to keep it open. Now it has been reported that the tomb of the general from the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius will be saved, at least for this winter.

The support of the New Zealand actor was decisive, after he launched the petition "Save the Gladiator's Tomb" with support from the American Institute of Archaeology.

The actor was among the first to sign it, and called on Italians to remember the outstanding achievements of their ancestors.

As a result, Roman authorities have agreed not to bury the tomb, but cover it instead.

A team of archaeologists unearthed fragments of the tomb near the Via Flaminia in Rome in 2008.

The burial place of the general who advised the Emperor features Latin inscriptions, as well as marble roof tiles and pillars.

The tomb had to undergo preservation works to keep it open. Up to $4 million was reportedly needed to preserve the ancient site.

When the mausoleum was opened up its condition deteriorated due to air pollution.

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