Monday, December 10, 2012



THIS breathtaking portrait of Antinous may soon be displayed on the giant Times Square billboard in New York City ... with your help!

British artist ANDREW PRIOR has entered this and other examples of his work in the SEE/ME art competition and is already in the top 100 or so finalists.

"The more likes I get the higher up the ratings I go. And if I am lucky and get enough votes my painting of Antinous will be displayed on the giant Times Square billboard for all to see," Andrew explains.

"So please have a look at my PAGE and give me some likes."

Andrew is a brilliant modern-day interpreter of the ancient technique of encaustic style portraiture ... like the Fayoum/Antinoopolis MUMMY PORTRAITS.

His paintings were exhibited parallel to lectures by JOHN J JOHNSTON entitled Antinous: Gay Icon? at London's Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology as part of Gay History Month.

Andrew practices his art in a wide array of media including works on paper, canvas and wood, DIGITAL ART, fashion design, interior design and jewellery design ... even exquisite hand-tooled Antinous shoes!

He often works to commission, but also uses the inspiration of the ancient Mediterranean for his creations. 

The Antinous portrait above was inspired by the mummy portraits of Antinoopolis. The photo does no justice to the portrait, which has gilt elements and a hand-tooled metal frame studded with coins and semi-precious gemstones.

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