Tuesday, February 20, 2024


I was totally and completely overwhelmed by Karnak.

I knew that it is the biggest temple in the world but I did not expect the scale of how magnificent it is and what it must have looked like when it was intact and functioning ... it brought me to tears.

In a secluded side temple away from all the millions of tourists the attendant took us into off limits areas, opening locked doors, down unlit stairways, across single beam walkways over deep pits to see amazing, beautiful rooms that I'm sure most people never see ... all for a heavy tip of course. 

He knew that we were there for religious purposes and took us to the secret shrines.

He even left us alone in an off limits "chapel," closed the door behind him and let us pray ... it was really great ... and extremely moving to have opportunity to see so many beautiful rooms that most people never see.

We took a carriage along the Nile-side Corniche from the hotel to Karnak, and I told the kid who was driving to come back and pick us up if he wanted.

And when we came out, there he was waiting so I gave them a nice tip. The boy insisted that I sit up front with him and gave me the reins to drive the horse.

I actually was driving the horse who's name was Rambo. I pulled him to the right because a car was coming and he responded. He was very cool.

We ended our day watching the sun go down from the rooftop area ... a beautiful day in Luxor.

Ave Antinous!


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