Wednesday, September 1, 2021

By Our Novice Priest Adriaan van den Berg

ANTINOUS is a God of Healing! In ancient times his believers asked Antinous for health and to heal them and He is credited with miraculous acts of healing. 

Antinous is no stranger to epidemics. Many of his ancient believers endured devastating epidemics and must have asked Antinous for protection and healing during such terrible outbreaks of sicknesses.

As a God he is aware of our fears and suffering during the current outbreak of the Corona virus. 

To be our healing God is perhaps one his primary divine roles, if not the very first and most eminent, to be a close companion especially to us in times of sickness when we are confined and alone or reduced to lying in a bed anxiously hoping our bodies would withstand illnesses, heal and endure, knowing not if we will survive.

He is right there by our bedside, keeping vigil. Even if it comes to the worst, it happens in his arms.

That is because power was conferred unto him by the Creator God (the Obelisk of Antinous states that Antinous was filled with the semen of the Creator) and there are indications the gods Thoth and others inveighed him with special powers.

Because of all of this and because Antinous died to work the power of good from beyond and especially wanted to let his lover Hadrian remain healthy and live longer, Antinous is an especially potent God of healing and good health. 

Our faith's concept of HOMOTHEOSIS can also mean a healing invigorating oneness with Antinous. It is a state of meditation and prayer and of transcendental awareness of Antinous' presence and of uniting with Him, being filled by Him which can make homotheosis a healing experience and a state returning you to health, of increasing your life force, of allowing yourself to be filled with vigour and vitality. 

Seek homotheosis, read more on it at the online TEMPLE OF ANTINOUS, practice it yourself as a spiritual component to your attempts to live a healthy life and to remain so amidst the current pandemic. 

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But there will also be links you can use to blogs and the Temple of Antinous website at where a wealth of information awaits anyone just interested in our faith or any new believers who want to worship Antinous with us and join the Temple of Antinous and where the amazing lists of Saints of Antinous can also be found.

Ave Antinous!

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