Friday, September 21, 2018


THE Gnostic Father St. Carpocrates was in Alexandria when the Imperial court arrived in September 130 AD. 

His doctrine of Freedom and Libertinism came to flower shortly after the death and deification of Antinous. 

St. Carpocrates taught that we were all equal to the gods, but that we do not remember our divine origin. 

(Image: "Carpocrates" oil on canvas by Antonius Subia)

The process of self-deification involves exposing ourselves to the angels who ruled over forbidden things so as to be free from their control. 

Homosexuality was considered sacred by Carpocrates because it is a form of love fundamentally free from the process of regeneration. 

St. Carpocrates possessed a copy of the Secret Gospel of Mark, which contained a passage from the life of Jesus in which the Savior reveals the Kingdom of Heaven to a boy by laying naked with him.

Flamen Antonius Subia elaborates:

"While in Alexandria, we believe that Antinous blessed and inspired the young Carpocrates to spread his new philosophy to the world. 

"We observe this moment of transfiguration as the mutual consecration exchanged by Antinous the God and Carpocrates the Gnostic, while Hadrian's entourage boarded the fleet of ships and departed from Alexandria.

"Carpocrates blessed the Sacred Boat as Antinous stepped aboard. The profundity of the Carpocratian message is the heart of the Salvation of Antinous."

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