Saturday, September 8, 2018


WITH the barbarians at the gates, a Roman nobleman stashed away his fortunes for safekeeping ... and the bag of gold remained safe for 2,000 years!

Now construction workers in modern-day Milan stumbled onto the 4th Century Roman nobleman's fortune ... a cache of 300 gold coins hidden in an amphora ... perfectly intact.

The extraordinary find came to light in the Milan suburb Como during excavation on the site of a former cinema which had been built over a former convent, for the construction of a building in via Diaz, in the historic center.

The Superintendence to the Archaeological Heritage of Milan is taking care of the event, which has halted the work in the construction site at the point of discovery, estimated to be worth millions of euros. 

"Como was founded by the Romans and it is natural to find finds, but this could be one of the most important Roman treasures ever found", explained the president of the Archaeological Society of Como Giancarlo Frigerio

"The area of ​​the discovery housed the private homes of the Roman nobles, the amphora could have been hidden in the walls of the house to avoid theft, probably at the time of the invasions."

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