Saturday, September 29, 2018


THIS book is a must for all Antinomaniacs, tracing the life of Antinous from his encounter with the mightiest man in the world to his mysterious death in the Nile.

LE MEMORIE DI ANTINOO is a story of love. It is a story of destiny. And it is a story of a Boy who became a God ... the last and ultimate Classical Deity.

Author Raffaele Mambella says: "Antinous is the living symbol of Classicism, of a culture that has been and remains at the base of our fundamentally humanistic civilization. Antinous is Greece, it is Greek culture and for this reason I embodied in him a myth, that of classical civilization."

This novel not only exposes the events of a great myth of classicism, but wants to push the reader to relive that unique experience with the eyes now disenchanted of our contemporaneity.

RAFFAELE MAMBELLA: teacher of History of Art and resident in Padua, he graduated in Etruscology and Italian Antiquities in the local University, then perfected himself in Archeology at the University of Bologna. 

In 1980 he was a student of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens, participating in archaeological research in Greece and Rome, while he also directed excavations in Basilicata, Sicily and Calabria. He has also published articles on Etruscan, Greek, Paleovenetian and Roman art in numerous Italian and foreign specialized magazines. 

As a classical scholar he obtained in 1995 the international awards "Napoli-Mezzogiorno", "Primavera Catanese", in 2003 the "Carsulae-city of Terni" award and the "Club Letterario Italiano" prize in Latina; in 1999, as a writer of fiction, the "Firenze-Targa Award of the President of the Senate", "The Val di Magra Award", "The City of Milan Award" and the "City of Leonforte Award". 

He has collaborated in the drafting of some entries concerning the ancient myth in the "Lexicon Iconographicum Mythology and Classics" published under the patronage of UNESCO and is currently considered one of the most interesting scholars of Roman Hadrian sculpture and Antinous in particular.

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