Monday, May 14, 2018


MAY 14th is the Egyptian feast of  the "coming forth" of Shu and Tefnut when the creator Atum ejaculated into his own mouth and uttered the magical "seminal" words to create the cosmos at the Egyptian equivalent of the "Big Bang" which they called "Sep Tepy" (Moment of Origins).

The hieroglyphs on the Obelisk of Antinous clearly state that Antinous can assume any form his heart desires because "the semen of the first god TRULY is in his body."

The point of all Egyptian magic is for the magician-priest to return to the moment of Sep Tepy ... the source of all creative magic ... and to ingest the "Heka" (Egyptian word for "magical") semen of Atum ... just as Antinous "inhaled" the magical Nile "Heka" when his head slipped beneath the waters of the Nile.

Learning to "breathe" Heka in the rarified atmosphere of the Duat (Underworld) was a vital lesson mentioned in various versions of the Book of the Dead.

Antinous took the semen of the first god into his nostrils and mouth at the moment of his mortal death.

Drowning in the Nile was instant deification in the eyes of Egyptians. Magical spells, for example, sometimes called for a scarab or other creature to be "deified" which is to say drowned in Nile water as part of the spell.

The Obelisk glyphs state that "the semen of the first god TRULY is in his body," which empowers Antinous to perform any and all miracles and to assume "any form his heart desires" to do so. By implication, the process of Homotheosis (for it is a process, not a method) means that by becoming one with Antinous, the semen of the first god is also in our bodies.

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