Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I AM FILLED with great sadness and a heavy heart. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this man, who quietly dedicated himself to Antinous.

Maluk wrote a vivid description of his first encounter with Antinous I'd like to share with you all:

I was dreaming about this boy who I never heard of before and the boy would always tell me his name -- Antinoüs.  Well, I just figured that I was having another one of my psychic dreams, which are common for me, and this boy who called himself Antinoüs was going to appear in my life someday as a living young man.  

Then I had this outstanding dream... I was walking down the streets of Miami (where I was raised) and I looked down the road and seen the darkened sky full of lightning.  My thoughts in the dream were, there is a big storm coming and I have to make it home before I get caught out in it, just one more block.  Well let me say that I was never able to finish the duration of that last block.  

My brain retains this dream foremost of the series.  I was swept down upon as if by a mighty eagle.  The atmospheric disturbance had moved faster than I was able to walk and made itself towards me.  I then found myself trapped by this disturbance.  Some form of energy in the shape of a sphere had taken me in whole and engulfed me.  

I was now trapped inside of this entity and I was beating on it from within trying to escape but it would not burst, and I use the word "entity" because it spoke to me.  

The voice said, "This is Antinoüs and you are my priest.  You must follow me because you cannot escape me!"  I beat on the energy sphere for maybe another minute.  It did not speak to me again in this dream nor would it release me from the bubble.  I remember feeling helplessly subdued by the force all around me.  

The dream was over.  The only way for me to stop this and to escape it was by waking up.  Yes, perhaps I felt a glimmer of freedom by waking myself up from this dream, but then I distinctively heard a voice soon after waking which made it clear to me that I was in no way delivered.  

That is when I heard the name "MALUK XZIVIKUS" spoken into my right ear, and I repeated it, "Maluk Xzivikus."  Though when I heard myself repeat it I knew very oddly that it was *my* name.  I am/was Maluk Xzivikus.  Antinoüs had called me out by name.  
I actually did not know who Antinoüs was entirely as of yet.  But I recognized that I am Maluk Xzivikus.  I went online, and this is before Lord Antonius had created the website we all know and love today, and I managed to find Antinoüs through searches.  I'd discovered Royston Lambert's book BELOVED AND GOD which I ordered.

May Antinous continue to watch over you Lord Maluk. I will miss you, my brother Priest. Your words will never be forgotten by those who love and worship Antinous.


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