Tuesday, September 4, 2012


ANTINOUS is featured in the new BBC Four documentary series TREASURES OF ANCIENT ROME, which is being aired Mondays in Britain starting this week.

This documentary was made with the help and advice of the Priests of Antinous. The BBC approached us last year, asking for a priest who could be interviewed on-air for the series. So we have been in on it since the beginning.

As irony would have it, the premiere episode was aired in Britain on Monday evening, the last evening of Antonyus Subia's pilgrimage to Rome. Priest Hernestus was enroute Monday evening back to Germany, hence the delay in reporting this news!

Antonyus and Hernestus discussed the BBC4 documentary during their priestly conclave in Rome, but neither had yet been informed that an air date was imminent. The BBC informed us just a few minutes ago.

Priest Hernestus took part in shooting for the documentary at the Louvre last December, and was interviewed on camera by show host ALASTAIR SOOKE to explain the significance of Antinous not only in ancient times but also his continuing legacy up to the present day.

One of Britain's leading art critics and presenters of BBC arts documentary series, Alastair Sooke (above) traces how the Romans went from being art thieves and copycats to pioneering a new artistic style - warts 'n' all realism. 

Roman portraits reveal what the great names from history, men like Julius Caesar and Cicero - and Antinous - actually looked like. 

In the series, Hernestus explains to the audience the impact Antinous has had on art throughout the ages and the impace he continues to make even today. 

In other segments, modern-day artists demonstrate the ingenious techniques used to create these true to life masterpieces in marble, bronze and paint.

The documentary is produced and directed by TIM DUNN, a director of dramatic and documentary series you are bound to have seen.

Tim Dunn's BBC series are regularly syndicated for broadcast around the world -- so watch for this series on your local public broadcaster or premium cable arts channel!

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