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LORD MALUK and I often corresponded since he and I both shared the same acute cardiac condition and both shared a love for New England.

Despite his fragile health, he moved across the US to leave conservative Florida find his dream home in the mountains of New England, and to find true love. He suffered to achieve those dreams, but he did achieve both.

Priest Uendi remembers how Antinous spoke to Lord Maluk. Let me share with you this dream vision. The hieroglyphic inscription on the OBELISK OF ANTINOUS states that Antinous "hears the prayers of all those who call out to HIM."

When a fledgling worshiper once asked whether Antinous truly answers prayers, Maluk offered this beautiful response:

Greetings all within the Temple of Antinoüs —

My name is (may-luck) Lord Maluk Xzivikus-Meek. I tend to be more in the background of the Ecclesia Antinoi, so perhaps not everybody in the group knows who I am (save for some members).

Absolutely, yes, Antinoüs answers prayers! I will share one example. Once upon a time  I was homeless in the Florida panhandle with no place to live, with no new friends (having left them all behind in South Florida), with no job/income and money running out, and with no place in particular to park my car to sleep.

Yeah, I was living in my car with all of my belongings and the only thing I had for peace were my prayers to Antinoüs, the book BELOVED AND GOD up on the dashboard beneath the wind screen which I would read like it was my Bible and my laminated picture of Antinoüs that I had made myself from a blown up photocopy of one Antinoüs bust which I had placed sitting inside my car before the gear shift.

This was my life and my home at the time — my Camaro — and the year was 2002. But I never stopped seeking work.

I continued to go on job interviews. I would also go to Pilot (a truck stop beside I-10) and ask any of the truckers who were filling up their tanks with fuel if they had any spare free shower coupons the night before the interview so I would not smell badly, shave and to be as neat in appearance as possible.

I eventually had no more money to my name and I still had no job and I was teetering on empty according to my fuel gauge. It sure takes a lot of gas to drive around a rural county!

So I remember this one evening very well because I was driving back towards the truck stop literally crying and praying and calling out to Antinoüs for help... for help with gas!

You see, I had stopped at a pay phone to follow up on a job interview, and the company had informed me that they wanted to hire me but that I needed to sign the papers immediately because there were other applicants!

But I had only 2 or 3 gallons of gas and would never make it to the truck stop to shower and shave and then drive the many, many miles to the company!

I was crying and praying with intensity and volume in my car as a drove along the open road.

But then I heard Antinoüs. He didn't speak audibly into my ear (as he had once in the past); it was more of an internal transmission this time. He spoke to my heart.

Antinoüs told me, "Look at that gas station on the left. Pull in there up to a gas pump and tell the attendant there that you are on empty and need gas but have no money to pay and I will take care of the rest."

I was stressed out, scared and paranoid from this crisis until Antinoüs put me at peace. I was almost about to pass the Chevron gas station before Antinoüs finished speaking to my heart, but I didn't miss the turning lane. I ended up in the turning lane at the last second to stop safely. The red light gave me time to regain my composure and to dry my tears. The light changed and I, obeying God, I stopped at one of the pumps.

Antinoüs seemed to have taken me over. I walked inside of the gas station up to a male about the same age as I. I told him that I have no money and I am on empty but will you please give me some gas because I am starting work at a new job and I don't have any gas to get there.

I will never forget what the gas attendant said to me... he said, "I have seen you before parked outside of here. Your license plate says that you are from South Florida. What city are you from? You are living in your car? Why did you move here? Sure, yeah, it's ok. Go and fill up your tank, man."

It was like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I told him thank you. He turned the pump on for me from his register and I filled the tank until it couldn't hold a single drop more of gasoline.

Antinoüs told me to thank him again. I went back inside of the station and I thanked him. I saw him taking money out of his own wallet and putting it into the cash register to cover for what I had taken, and I promised just as soon as I was able, that I would pay him back.

Even though he told me not to worry about it, I paid the guy back within a month or so.

You see, yes, Antinoüs does answer prayers and this is just one of many He has answered from me.

Again, thank you, Antinoüs — Deo gratias.

Ave Antinoe! Deus vobiscum, God be with you!

Lord Maluk Xzivikus-Meek 

Adams, Massachusetts

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