Friday, August 31, 2012



FLAMEN Antonyus Subia is celebrating the Full Moon tonight in Rome as part of his Sacred Pilgrimage.

Meanwhile in England Hadrian's Wall will be illuminated to become the world's longest work of art.

Antonyus will carry out sacred ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC rituals in Rome as part of his religious pilgrimage to the Eternal City. Tonight is the cycle of the intensely sexual/spiritual Pisces Full Moon, which we call the HOMOTHEOSIS MOON.

Simultaneously along Hadrian's Wall, a group of US artists will use up to 450 balloons and thousands of light emitting diodes to revamp the 2,000-year-old wall.

­The creative challenge is to suspend hundreds of white weather balloons, fitted with lights, above the 117- kilometer wall, the most important monument built by the Romans in Britain.

Viewers will have a chance to submit their tiny messages which will be transformed into pulses of colored light passing along the wall akin to Morse code.

A digital arts collective from New York known as "YesYesNo" has been invited to the UK to transform the historic landmark built by the Romans to guard the northern frontier of their empire.

The installation is due to take place on the nights of August 31 and September 1. It  is part of the London Festival, a three-month cross-country arts feast involving up to 12,000 events staged to coincide with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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