Thursday, August 16, 2012



KEVIN KIHN is one of the most inspiring contemporary visionary artists, quite aside from being a devotee of Antinous and a personal friend of us priests of Antinous.

So we are proud to announce the official launch of the keenly anticipated DOME OF LIGHT project by Kevin, an accomplished commercial illustrator, storyboard artist, and architectural renderer who studied art in Florence at the Accademia di Belle Arti.

A few of us have been privileged to see the preliminary prototype Dome of Light in Kevin's sunny atelier in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Priest Hernestus has stood inside the Dome and was amazed at what a magical space it creates for meditation. An interviewer has said that being inside it is like SWIMMING IN SPACE, and it's true.

Hernestus also discovered that it acts as a kind of prism. Sunlight striking the Dome is broken up and diffused throughout the room, creating a kaleidoscope effect of colors. The whole room appears to glow with the light eminated from the Dome.

The pre-prototype in his studio is only a reduced-scale version of what he wants to build.  The actual prototype would be fully room-size, large enough to enter and walk about inside of.

Kevin says there are almost no limits to size. Such a Dome of Light could be house-size or even far larger. He is fascinating to listen to as he describes the technical details, and the more you learn about his Dome of Light, the more you begin to see how limitless the possibilities are.

For one thing, the colors and geometric patterns on the pre-prototype are only one possibility. You could have any colors you wanted, any designs, any holographic projections. You could make the entire Dome out of a transluscent material, such as stained glass.

Kevin's dream for many years now has been to create a true, full-size temple, and so we were delighted when he informed us that he has just unveiled his project to potential financial backers.

"I've recently launched a KICKSTARTER PAGE for what I consider my magnum opus, the Dome of Light," Kevin says.

"This is to be a temple devoted to the gods of Hellas, Antinous included, though not only him. The emphasis will be primarily on youthful male deities. Much of the imagery will be homoerotic in character, and consistent with the concept of Homotheosis.

"Kickstarter is what's known as a crowd funding site. Donations to the project are solicited. If the project makes its funding goal, it goes ahead. If not, the project is canceled and donors' funds are untouched. There is of course absolutely no obligation whatsoever. I wish people to see this page - particularly the featured video - to give an idea of what is possible and what we might make in the way of pagan places of worship. If the temple should happen to make its funding goal, naturally that would be great.

"This is the best support I can offer as an artist for what I hope will be a vigorous, enduring revival and renascence of the pagan world view that prevailed throughout the ancient West when Hadrian ruled with Antinous at his side. I hope it pleases."

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