Monday, March 25, 2019


By Flamen Antonius Subia

THE Rites of Spring have come with a fabulous new addition to my altar statuary. 

I now have a life size exact copy in paster of the Belvedere Apollo from the Vatican Museum ... and not just any plaster copy ... but the very one which some years ago shared the top of the refrigerator in the employee break room at ART BRONZE INC. foundry.

That was where ... five years ago ... I bought my copy of the TOWNLEY ANTINOUS BUST, also an exact copy of the original which is in the British Museum.

These were used to create the molds which they now sell in bronze ... and were no longer needed.

When we visited five years ago, they were just taking up space and were holding court on top of the refrigerator next to a loaf of bread for making sandwiches. 

Recently, when Antinous worshiper Rick Thompson informed me that the foundry was "getting rid of" the Apollo bust, he asked if I wanted to buy the bust. 

I hesitated because I'm running out of room and I knew how huge he was.

But then I remembered that image of them together and felt like there was no way I could not give this mightyApollo a home.

And I was only just recently saying that I need to get closer to this brilliant god.

So now here he is ... the two friends are reunited! 

Apollo has made his grand entrance into my life on the night we celebrate the Equinox! 

This is a sign, my friends ... it's going to be a very good year!

Ave Antinous!
~Antonius Nicias Subia
Flamen Antinoalis

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