Sunday, July 30, 2017


HERE is your chance to get in on the production of the first feature-length film about Antinous.

"Antinous" is a feature film directed by world renowned artist MARK BEARD

You can become a part of this production. Click on ANTINOUS FILM KICKSTARTER for more information and embedded videos on this thrilling project.

The screenwriter took a somewhat modern approach to the ancient story, giving it a similar vibe to what Baz Luhrmann did to Romeo and Juliet in the 90's.

The film focuses on Antinous' point of view.

For Antinous, the screenwriter was inspired by the pressures of being a young man, and his struggles with having an absent father growing up.

His goal was to bring more awareness to this subject in the hopes that it will inspire young men to stay strong.

As a successful artist, Beard brings a unique perspective to the overall aesthetic of the film. Beard's natural ability to understand the physical and emotional expressions of a young man are sure to create a lovely version of Antinous.

With collaborations like Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, Mark Beard has made a lasting impression in the art world, and is ready to make his directorial debut in film.

Beard is inspired by Tom Ford, who is living proof that an artist can successfully crossover into feature films.

It is important to note that Mark Beard often uses the artistic persona 'Bruce Sargeant'.

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