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THIS breathtaking portrait of Antinous is up for auction on EBAY as a quality print with hand-crafted brass and wood inlay by the artist.

British artist ANDREW PRIOR says it is an exact print made from the portrait he did of Antinous which has been publicized around the world and which was on exhibit in a special showing at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology in London.

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"It is an original in its own right I have only done one of Antinous like this," Andrew told this blog.

"It's the same size as a real mummy portrait. I think Antinous would probably have had something like this unless they did a mask for him," Andrew explained.

The image is printed and then finished with oil paint and waxed.

The brass is all hand chased and the wood antiqued.

It is executed to look like the famous Fayoum Portraits ... mummy portraits which were found by the thousands at the city of Antinoopolis and the nearby Fayoum Oasis and which date from the heyday of the Sacred City of Antinous.

Andrew is a brilliant modern-day interpreter of the ancient technique of encaustic style portraiture ... like the Fayoum/Antinoopolis MUMMY PORTRAITS. 

The original painting from which this print was made was exhibited along with other works by Andrew parallel to lectures by JOHN J JOHNSTON entitled Antinous: Gay Icon? at London's Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology as part of Gay History Month.

Andrew practices his art in a wide array of media including works on paper, canvas and wood, DIGITAL ART, fashion design, interior design and jewellery design ... even exquisite hand-tooled Antinous shoes!

He often works to commission, but also uses the inspiration of the ancient Mediterranean for his creations. 

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