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ITALIAN art historians have found 100 early Caravaggio sketches and paintings which experts say may result in a new appraisal of the legacy of this giant of the Renaissance and Saint of Antinous.

Worth almost a billion dollars, they are believed to date from Caravaggio's earliest years as a painter, when he was an apprentice under the mannerist painter Simone Peterzano, from 1584 to 1588 in Milan, according to a report by ANSA, the Italian news agency.

The works attributed to Caravaggio were found in a collection of paintings and drawings from the workshop of Peterzano which is held in a castle in Milan, Castello Sforzesco.

They are being published in a two-part, 600-page e-book by Amazon and in another first are being revealed to the world for the first time today, Friday, July 6th.

"We always felt it was impossible that Caravaggio left no record, no studies in the workshop of a painter as famous as his mentor," Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz Guerrieri, artistic director for the Brescia Museum Foundation, told ANSA.

He and his co-researchers have spent two years comparing the newly found sketches and paintings with known Caravaggio works and found "startling" similarities.

In June Caravaggio's late masterpiece "RESURREZIONE DI LAZZARO" (Resurrection of Lazarus) was unveiled at Rome's Museo di Roma after a meticulous seven-month restoration.

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, known as one of history's most tormented painters, was involved in frequent brawls and vicious beatings. 

His death, at the age of 36, has been blamed variously on malaria, an intestinal infection and lead poisoning. 

In April an Italian art historian put forward a new theory – that the artist was murdered on the orders of the Knights of Malta to avenge the attack on one of their members.

Caravaggio is a SAINT OF ANTINOUSWe honor Saint Caravaggio as an extraordinary painter whose homoerotic images of males have caused art historians to call him the first modern painter. St. Caravaggio is the Patron of Gifted Bad Boys — Gay Boys who are blessed with incredible talents but who are too impatient and too rebellious to abide by the rules of society.

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