Monday, July 23, 2012


NICK DRAKE could scarcely have dreamed as he swallowed a handful of pills on a dreary November evening in his parents' house in the English Midlands that he would become a major recording star with fans around the world — nearly 40 years after his death in 1974.

His three albums now are cult chart-busters around the world, especially his final album, PINK MOON.

Nick Drake is a Prophet of Homoeros and Saint of Antinous.

When we remember Saint Nick Drake, we must remember too that Antinous is the patron of these sensitive souls who die untimely and tragic deaths at an early age. Antinous is the RIVER MAN who drowned in the Nile.

If you are looking for summertime gay reading, get hold of a copy of NICK DRAKE: THE PINK MOON FILES by Jason Creed.

A superb compendium of writing about Nick, this book is a valuable addition to any bookshelf and a must for fans old and new.

Between 1994 and 1999 Jason Creed published 19 issues of PYNK MOON, a fanzine devoted to the life and music of Nick Drake. The magazine is long defunct and all copies are avidly coveted by collectors.

This compilation of articles, interviews and other writings, as they appeared in the fanzine, with some additional commentary, offers an illuminating look at this much loved yet most mysterious of British singer songwriters.

Included are original reviews of Nick's albums as they appeared at the time of release, the solitary interview with Nick that appeared in Sounds magazine, and interviews with many who knew him, including his sister the well-known TV actress GABRIELLE DRAKE, his parents Rodney and Molly Drake, musical collaborator Robert Kirby and many more.

In addition, The Pink Moon Files features musical analysis of Nick's recordings, including discussion of his Guitar techniques and alternative tunings, reviews of tribute concerts and articles about Nick's legacy not only in his hometown of Tamworth-in-Arden but also around the world.

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  1. I recently bought this book and I have enjoyed it immensely. So well written and informative. The warm relationship the author had with Nick's parents is such a joy to read. This is a must for any Nick Drake fan or music fan. I read ten pages at a time because I wanted to savory it and draw out the postive experience.