Sunday, May 28, 2023


IS this a mosaic depiction of Antinous? Archaeologists in Italy theorize that this mosaic north of Naples in the volcanic area known as "Campi Flegrei" could depict Antinous.

The mosaic represents what they indicate to be a bust of Antinous as god or genie of the vegetation.

Below that depiction is the image of Amor/Eros carrying a hare, surrounded by a sash with two heart-shaped ends.

In Classical art symbolism, a hare or rabbit was given by a man to another male as a symbol of amorous intent.  Amor/Eros/Cupic served as bunny courier.

The hypothesis of the Italian experts is that this mosaic also represents Antinous sacrificing himself (the hare) for love (Eros and the hearts) for the longevity and good fortune of Hadrian. If so, it would be the absolutely first image of a heart in the "modern" shape we all know.

The Italian archeologists discuss their theory HERE.

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