Sunday, June 30, 2019


THIS Roman marble head of Antinous as Dionysus is up for auction at Sotheby's in London with an estimate of £60,000-90,000 ... more than $100,000.

The auction will be held 2 July 2019 but online bids are already being accepted HERE.

Sotheby's describes it as a head which would have crowned a monumental cult statue.

It shows the Antinous head wearing the attributes of Dionysos, in much the same way as another colossal statue ... the Braschi Antinous ... in the Vatican. 

Antinous’ characteristic unruly hair is bound in a diadem, surmounted by a wreath of ivy leaves, berries and clusters of grapes hanging from the sides.

There is a hole above the forehead for insertion of a headdress, a vertical channel for a lead lamp above the nape of the neck. There have been no restorations.

Height 40 cm... height of face approx. 18 cm. 

It is thought to have been part of the stock of Galerie Segredakis in Paris prior to World War II.

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