Sunday, February 17, 2019


A stunning fresco depicting Narcissus looking at his reflection in a reed-filled pool has been uncovered during new excavations at Pompeii.

The discovery was made during a dig at the Regio V section of the ancient Roman city, the interim director of the archaeological site, Alfonsina Russo, announced.

The find comes just months after the unearthing of another spectacular fresco, depicting Jupiter taking the form of a swan to impregnate Spartan queen Leda. (photo at right) 

"The beauty of these rooms have led us to change our project and continue the excavation," Russo said.

"In the future it will be possible to open up at least a part of this domus for the public to enjoy."

Officials noted archaeologists also found inside the ancient atrium a dozen glass containers, eight terracotta vases and a bronze funnel in a space underneath a staircase.

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