Tuesday, November 20, 2018


TODAY is Transgender Remembrance Day and we are proud to announce that Antinous’s first priest of Antinous in Brazil spoke on the plight of transgender people during a national conference in that country.

Veteran journalist and educator DECUS LUPERCUS, priest of the TEMPLO DE ANTÍNOO BRASIL of São Paulo, participated in the celebration of "20 Years of Witchcraft in Brazil" commemorating the 20th anniversary of the first national meeting of Wiccan witches in that country in 1998.

The event was highlighted by a series of talks on many subjects like "Witchcraft and the Internet" and "The Next 10 Years". 

Lupercus gave his talk on the panel "Witchcraft and Transgender People", focusing on the struggles trans and non-binary pagans face while dealing with the Wiccan duality of The Horned God and the Goddess.

"The first miracle of Antinous involved a trans god", said the handsome Brazilian Priest. 

"So I talked about him, Hapi, and homotheosis, and how our religion embraces LGBT people as a whole, just as Hapi embraced Antinous as He plunged into the Nile to be transformed from a Boy to our Gay God."

According to Decus, the Temple of Antinous was welcomed with open arms by representatives of the many Wiccan traditions there, and the event opens a doorway for future cooperation between them.

"They loved us!," he said. "And it was an honor to be a part of Brazilian Witch History".

In 2017, Priest Lupercus was HONORED BY STATE OFFICIALS and by Claudiney Prieto, who is the guiding light of paganism in Brazil.

Lupercus was honored for his efforts to promote paganism in general and Antinous in particular.

All of the priests around the world unite in congratulating Decus Lupercus on these great honors!

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