Sunday, December 22, 2013


HUNDREDS of Antinous adherents from around the world responded to an invitation to take part in Solstice ceremonies at the Hollywood Temple of Antinous ... ceremonies which are still in progress as this report is being published.

Following the success of a Skype ceremony on the Birthday of Antinous last month, Flamen Antonyus Subia issued a global invitation via social networks for participation in tonight's Solstice ceremonies.

"The response has been overwhelming," Antonyus says. "Unfortunately, we had to turn away many because of the limitations of Skype conference calls."

The ceremonies were held in Hollywood with live participation from adherents across North America as well as Europe and elsewhere.

"We are going to make this a permanent feature of our ceremonies," Antonyus adds.

"And we will see what we can do to allow more people to take part, because of response has exceeded our expectations by far," he promises.

Also for the first time, the ritual was carried out by priests on different continents ... with each sharing in responsibilities.

"We coordinated the ritual in advance so that the hand-off from one priest to another would function seamlessly," says Priest Hernestus, who took part via Skype from Germany.

"Group responses by all participants also flowed seamlessly, so it all very inspiring to everyone, I believe," Hernestus adds.

Future interactive ceremonies will be announced in advance.

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