Monday, December 9, 2013


I have just finished my ANTINOUS PRAYER BEADS, first attempt, with many others yet to come.

It took about three days to finish. 

Day first my fingers hurt, day two my fingers hurt worse, so I took a break for a day, and then today I went back at them, this time the pain was minimal...

On day two I felt like this was last set of beads I would ever make with steel wire...but then today I made two sets of 13, half the necklace in less time that it took to make the other half.

And when I was finished my hands didn't really hurt at all, and I thought that I could probably sit here and make another whole necklace before midnight!

So then I drilled a hole in this Antinous replica coin and made a link for him to the chain...and it was done just like that!

This is my version of Priest Hernestus's 52 prayer beads, one for each moon of year. Only in my version I used 12mm olive wood beads linked together with steel bailing wire!

It has a very excellent New Mexican Hermanos Penitentes style, very harsh, Hispanic and self-flagellant ... as you might expect from someone as self-tormenting as I am towards myself.

This is how I will pray to Antinous to save us all on the day when our heart is placed on the scale against the weight of the feather of we even have a chance! Well here's my chance!....Take That!...devourer of souls! I whip you with my Antinous Chain!

I was actually thinking about getting right to work on bead set number two, and then I took a look at my hands ... It doesn't even hurt really ... but look at that!

Antinous devotion! I'm turning into an Antinous Penitent Flagellant!


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