Friday, July 26, 2013


TEN domus structures or ancient Roman homes of the wealthy are soon to be reopened in Pompeii following extensive renovation ... much-needed good news for site which has suffered terrible deterioration from wind, weather and tourists in recent years.

The successful project aided by EU funds has received approval from UNESCO which had threatened to withdraw Pompeii's status as a World Heritage site unless the dire situation was not improved immediately.

But the archaeological treasure is not out of the woods yet as Italy's Culture Minister Massimo Bray acknowledged:

"We must all demonstrate to Europe that the Pompeii project is capable of rising to the challenge that’s been taken on. This project will also demonstrate that we are capable of working together with the different authorities involved in the project."

After collapses of structures in the past two years there has been growing concern about Italy's ability to protect the 2,000-year old site from further degradation.

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