Thursday, December 22, 2022

By Our Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia

THE Solstice occurred at 21:49 Universal Time Wednesday, and worshipers of Antinous in North and South America, Europe and Africa took part in Zoom ceremonies celebrating the Winter Solstice (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) and the Summer Solstice (for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

On this Sacred Night, We celebrate the triumphant return
Of the New Sun, Sol Invictus, Antinous-Mithras
May the reborn god of light cast away the darkness
That has weighed upon us over the course of this year.
May a new hope for the coming age be reborn this night
Father Saturn, who stands at the edge of the cosmos
Father of endless time, clockwork of the universe
We welcome the return your golden age...Ave Saturnalia!
We celebrate the return of the Capricorn Gods,
We praise the wild horned god
We praise both the lesser and the greater Pan.
We ask that Bacchus shall come forth within us
In his incarnate form of Antinous the Gay God,
May the semen of the first god be revealed within us
That we may become aware of our divine nature
On this sacred night of the winter solstice
We ask the blessing of the new born sun, 
The god of light, Sol Invictus!
Ave Antinous!

This is the Night of Sol Invictus, the rebirth of the Sun, 
Mithras is the super cosmic god who the ancients believed Caused the equinoxes to move backward in the sky

Tonight is the Solstice, when the savior gods are born,
Including Mithras, Osiris, Horus, Jesus, and the one to whom Antinous was compared above all others, Dionysus-Bacchus, the Capricorn god who like the others gave his life to save all mankind from perdition and to make us aware that we are Divine, that we all carry the semen of the first god within us.

We must awaken to our inner potential to the Homotheosis Power that we all hold within our hearts because the Age of Aquarius is here, we must rise up and overthrow the old and usher in the New Age. This is why Antinous has chosen now to restore his ancient religion, so that we will understand the significance of these signs, which others before or after might not have understood.  We are the chosen people of Antinous.

May the blessing of Sol Invictus be with us
May the Blessing of Antinous be with us on this sacred night.

Ave Antinous!

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