Monday, April 13, 2020


AMIDST the Corona Virus crisis, Mercury aligns with Lilith and the minor planet CHIRON IN ARIES this week to empower you to access your inner healer. (Art by Miranda Baggins entitled: "Antinous as the Horseman of Conquest! (Pestilence) in light of COVID-19."

The Black Moon Lilith represents moral outrage, and it's interesting that she is emerging as an astrological archetype at this time of great global stress. 

Her story is one of abandonment and oppression as well as exile and the loss of children. For LGBT people, this archetype lives as a cellular reminder of the time when the male gods of war supplanted the female nature warriors. 

For LGBT people, Lilith can sometimes represent a fear of the wild and untameable feminine ... in their partners, or sometimes in themselves.

Chiron urges the healing of old wounds, and this connection of the Black Moon Lilith to Chiron may open up some festering sore places in our psyches or emotional bodies. 

We may find ourselves experiencing this archetypal banishment from the natural world, or we may find our relationships opening up to allow more wildness to enter. In any case, this is a time when the Goddess emerges in her most wild form. Use this power wisely!

It is nice to remember who Chiron is ... the wisest and noblest of all the Centaurs in Classical Mythology. While all the other centaurs galloped off to riotous ruin and drunken oblivion, Chiron alone shared the knowledge he had inherited from the Titans ... tutoring a series of sensitive youths ... Achilles, Jason, Perseus, Theseus, Ajax, Dionysus, Hercules ... an endless list of heroes and demigods. He schooled them in the arts and sciences ... teaching them to be musicians and physicians.

This week healing energies get a sudden and dramatic boost when Mercury aligns with both Lilith and with Chiron in Aries. This is a good time for health checkups and medical treatment ... also, you can expect a positive and expansive outlook, which can benefit your well-being at this time. 

You may be more open-minded with regard to experiencing new things, which will allow healing of your mind, body, and spirit. 

For instance, you could seek higher understanding and meaning in your life through a guide, mentor, or spiritual person or increase your inner knowledge by means of educational processes, religion, or meditative practices during this period. 

An urge to travel to far-away places (real or imaginary) may also be experienced. You may discover new perspectives on your beliefs, faith, and sense of hope. 

Restoring peace and harmony in your personal life and relationships is possible now through your interest in healing your own wounds, as well as extending compassion and generosity to others.

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