Sunday, April 28, 2013



HIS images are some of the most powerful and sublime paintings of the ancient gods that anyone has created since ancient times ... such as his "Pegasus" reproduced here with gracious permission from the gallery of ANDRÉ DURAND.

The mixture of ancient and modern themes, the vulgar and the beautiful, the agony and the sensuality of his images. 

This is a Great artist with whom we are very privileged to be acquainted. 

Many of us have seen and adored his images for years. For some of us, like myself, he is a great inspiration for what can be done with the medium of colors and canvas...a wonderful world of the mythic gods stretched out in stark one paints like this anymore...with this much reality mingled with absurdity and extreme eroticism.

Mr. Durand is a modern god of pagan art.

~Antonyus Nicius Subia
Flamen Antinoalis

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