Tuesday, April 16, 2013



I recently discovered the most wonderful treasure, a new favorite artist, with the most fabulous and dainty touch that I have seen in years and years…probably since the days of the Reformation.

It was completely by chance that I stumbled upon his magnificent illustrations, in the gallery of a Hellenic facebook page, there among the usual Greco-Roman images that one sees, I caught a glimpse of an extraordinary drawing of a winged blonde boy…the image was a gateway that opened a door to a wonderful, magical fantasy world of elegance and grace such as I have never encountered before.

This is the world of Milan Kovačević.

I realized that I had found a treasure of art, as if the sky had opened and a demi-god fell out of the clouds and spread his beautiful images of Arcadia and Nijinsky, and powdered ladies and gentlemen full of grace and courtly bird-people, and visions of Apollo and Dionysus.

I love this beautiful world that he has created, and I want to share it with the people of Antinous! 

He promises that in due time he will see what he can do with Antinous, whom he tells me that he loves. 

I can see a trace of Antinous in his works already, which he says in unintentional…but which I consider to be a ray of divine light shinning through.

Check out his galleries!


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