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ON March 21st the Religion of Antinous commemorates the triumphant entry in 129 AD of Hadrian and Antinous and the Imperial party to the province of Bithynia where the Blessed Boy was born.

Imagine the joy that his family and relatives and his boyhood friends and neighbors shared when Antinous returned. No longer a boy, but now nearly grown to full manhood. How they would have celebrated!

How proud everyone must have been. Hadrian's heart must have soared like an Imperial Eagle with joy at the jubilant reception. Antinous must have been as wowed and awe-struck by the Bithynians, as they were gob-smacked by what a handsome young man he had become since they had seen him last.

Flamen Antinoalis Antonyus describes it this way:

Antinous returns to his hometown and is greeted as a returning King. Hadrian is hailed as the living Zeus, and Antinous is spoken of as the New Ganymede.

Their visit precedes the Death and Resurrection of Attis which is the Childhood religion of Antinous. It is observed in this context by us as a presage of the Death and Resurrection of Antinous that would later be commemorated in Bithynia, which is the second of the four Holy Cities of Our religion.

Antinous is worshipped as the triumphant son, returning from across the sea, like so many gods whose ships vanish over the waves, promising one day to return.

We pray that Antinous will return to the place of his birth which is at the core of our soul, and that he will take his place within the small shrine of Attis that we have kept ready for his arrival within our very hearts.

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