Tuesday, November 27, 2012


On this day, 1,901 Years ago,
In the 13th year of the reign of Trajan Augustus
864 years after the Foundation of Rome
During the 223 Olympiad
In the town of Bithynium-Claudiopolis,
Our God Antinous was Born.
 We whole love and adore Antinous
We who stand in Awe of Antinous
We who worship Antinous
Celebrate the Birth of Our God today,
The Beautiful God, Beloved of Hadrian,
The God of the all the Gays
The Love of all Homosexuals was born in Bithynia
Savior of the World, Conqueror of the Heavens,
The Star Child, the Lion Hunter,
Covered in Lotus Flowers!
The New Ganymede, the New Prince of Troy
The Phrygian Lord of Youth and Beauty
The Face of the Terrestrial Narcissus
Behold…The New Adonis was Born on this Day!
Give us your blessing beautiful child
Give us your power and your sacredness
Rise again in the hearts of those who love you
And believe in you.
Penetrate to the depths of our Soul,
Open the way of your Beauty,
Fill the air and sky with the light of your power
Rise Again Antinous…we call out to You
God of the Moon…hunting companion of Diana,
Rise in the Night Antinous, come to the world
Your People Call out to You, Antinous,
You who were born on this Day
Rise again upon the earth
As you came into being in Bithynia.
We praise your Mother, the mother of our Beloved God,
And we Praise your Father…the Father of our great God.
The Land of Bithynia is holy to us,
Because you were born there.
We honor and praise the Nation of Bithynia
And her ancient race
We praise the Kings of Bythinia
We praise King Nicomedes IV,
Who loved Caesar and gave his Kingdom to Rome
Sacred Bithynia Land of the Mother of Antinous
Watch over us and love us
And give us the bountiful fruits of the Earth,
For we are the followers of Antinous.
May the Great Mother of the Gods protect us always,
And set us free from madness.
Beloved Sacred Bithynia, Land of Our Mother.
On this day we celebrate the Birth of Antinous,

Lord Attis, beloved of the Great Mother of the Gods
Lord of the Pine Forest, King of Eunuchs
Who severed his treasure for the benefit of all,
Hear our Devotion to the Holy Child Antinous,
Who was devoted to You,
Who is a Child of your Children
Intercede for us, Lord Attis and grant us your blessing.

Holy River Sangarius…Lord of Bithynia,
Cleanse us for the New Year,
Strengthen us for the tribulation of the days,
Quench our Thirst for the Love of Antinous,
Your Beautiful Son.
Let all those who Love and Worship Antinous,
Be as children of Bythinia
Let the Moon God rise within us
Let the Beautiful Face of the Child-like Price
Illuminate the night with his silver blessing.
We are the Fullness of Antinous who never wanes.

We praise also the Holy City of Mantineia,
Sacred to Lord Hermes and the Arcadian Pan,
Founded by the Queen Antinoe,
Who was led to the sacred site by a serpent,
Where the great victory of the Sacred Band was fought And Sanctus Epaminondas gave his life.
The Grandfathers of Antinous were colonists
From Mantineia who settled in Bithynia
In your honor great Fathers of Mantineia
We celebrate the Birth of Our Beloved God Antinous.
The Local God of Your Country,
Where a beautiful temple of Antinous once stood
Be with us, Priests of the Mantineian Temple,
Watch over us, guide us, and bless us,
Give us your sacred powers,
For the Love of Antinous
we call upon the Ancient Priests of Mantineia.

Antinous was born on this Day 1,901 years ago
We praise the day that Antinous came into being.
We who love and adore Antinous
We who stand in Awe of Antinous
We who worship Antinous
Our God, God of the Gays,
God of Beauty, God of Peace,
Savior, Lover, Heavenly Champion, Pantheon,
Moon God, Fire God, River God, Wine God
Last of the Roman Gods
On this Day the God of Homosexuals was Born,
Antinous The Gay God,
Incarnation of the Spirit of the Celestial Homo-Eros,
Antinous The Beautiful
Whose face is full of Grace,
Whose Countenance is Beautiful.
The Restorer, The New Dionysus
Whose Salvation Has been Accomplished
Antinous has again been Raised to Life.
We who love you, Antinous welcome you into our hearts
Fill our Lives with Love and Beauty
Be with us Antinous today, on your birthday, and always, Every Day and Every Night

Behold…Today is the Day Antinous was Born!

Flamen Antinoalis

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