Friday, September 15, 2023


OURS is not a rigid religion of rules and dictates of how you should live your life and of how you should conduct yourself towards Antinous. 

We encourage YOU to define your relationship with the god, to find his contribution and what his role in your life is to be. He can be a friend and a companion, a confidant, a healer, a comfort, sharing your life.

And he can help you manifest your truth and your ambitions, help you realize your ambitions and dreams.

He understands the plight and experiences of LGBTQ people and assists in overcoming related problems.

He empowers LGBTQ people and endorses your right to defend yourself and endorses our fight for our place and our rights. 

Perhaps Antinous' primary role is to be a helper to humanity. 

You can offer your problems and lay them at Antinous' feet. Start by having a conversation with Antinous, it would count as a prayer, but you can simply speak. Speak to Antinous.

Ave Antinous!

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