Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A racy new gay-themed novel which prominently mentions Antinous and even features the HOLLYWOOD TEMPLE OF ANTINOUS is zooming up the charts on Amazon.

SUICIDE RIDE: THE PLATINUM MAN by E. LLEWELLYN debuted at Number 2 on the hot new releases list.

This page-turner focuses on an older man with no future and nothing to live for ... who encounters a younger man with a past ... and a death wish.

Norman Dimond is the Silver Man, an over-the-hill LA-based rock 'n roll record producer who has seen better days. A set-for-life bisexual with a hard spot for younger men, he squanders his nights hustling cash-strapped gay-for-pay desperadoes who swagger into his den on the Sunset Strip, looking for one-off love in all the right places. 

Lonely and at loose ends, he longs for a worthy dance partner, but despairs of finding him … Until one night, when he least expects it, in waltzes … 

Johnny Gellis, the Platinum Man, a beautiful straight wreck who needs fixing ... and who wants exactly what Norman Dimond has to give: a platform, a stage. But does he want it badly enough? 

Desperate to out-run his demons, he's driving himself crazy, and is heading straight for the edge. Can Norman save him, before it's too late?

 When Norman meets Johnny, their heavy-metal fenders bend, sending the male-on-male sparks flying. Johnny's number-one-with-a-bullet hit "Suicide Ride" blows Norman's mind, while his number-99-with-an-anchor tattoo pricks up more than just his ears. 

And though this hell-bent, cliff-hanging headbanger is the man-boy of his dreams, keeping him on course turns out to be a waking nightmare. 

Can Norman do it? Can he put him on top while stopping him from breaking down and destroying them both? The deeper Dimond digs, the darker it gets; and as the secrets and suspense multiply, so, too, do the lies. 

Johnny is hiding something, that much Norman is sure of; and what's worse, he begins to feel the tug of even darker and ever more violent undertows ... sinister, malevolent drags that Gellis himself cannot spin-rinse away. 

SUICIDE RIDE is at once a profound work of literature and a neo-noir Hollywood bromance for the ages. Gay fiction as well as literary fiction, it's one fast-paced rock 'n roll romance novel you won't be able to put down, a gritty, realistic, eye-poppingly pimped-out Ride, flush with all the car parts for a runaway success. 

Switching genres like lanes, SUICIDE RIDE: THE PLATINUM MAN is a total head spin—an ebullient, erudite, yet racy exploration of the ancient themes that obsess us, by way of the pop culture freeway ... on the way to the Hollywood Temple of Antinous. 


  1. This book is one of the most realistic, profound, and exquisitely penned evocations of same-sex love you will ever read. It is as age-old and beautiful as the love shared by Hadrian and Antinous. The reader familiar with that story will recognize it at work here, in E. Llewellyn's gripping account of one supernal young man's struggle to come to terms with the love that dare not speak its name. This is gay literary fiction at its zenith!

  2. Thanks to everyone associated with this blog and THE HOLLYWOOD TEMPLE OF ANTINOUS for this most honorable mention! Readers can now read the first 4+ chapters of SUICIDE RIDE for FREE on the Amazon webpage (linked to in the article above) by clicking on the cover to look inside ... Also, I invite you all to follow me on Twitter @Suicide_Ride_EL, and to Like my Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/E.Llewellyn/SuicideRide.