Friday, August 24, 2012



FLAMEN Antonyus Subia, who founded the Religion of Antinous anew 10 years ago this month, is embarking on a Sacred Pilgrimage to Rome.

The week-long pilgrimage will take Antonyus to all the Sacred Sites associated with Hadrian and Antinous in the Eternal City.

He will meditate and carry out religious rites at the Pantheon, the Obelisk of Antinous, Hadrian's Mausoleum, the Temple of Venus and Jupiter built by Hadrian and of course Hadrian's Villa.

In addition, he will pay solemn respects to the many statues, busts and other images of Hadrian and Antinous at various museums in Rome.

Special religio/magical rites will be performed during the cycle of the HADRIAN BLUE MOON, the second full moon of August.

A conclave of priests is also planned, with Priest Hernestus converging on Rome from Germany. Priest Uendi, who is providing generous financial support for this conclave, will be in constant touch from Hollywood.

Every major station of this Sacred Pilgrimage will be reported on in depth on a daily basis on this blog and at the official ANTINOUS FACEBOOK page starting August 29th!

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  1. Congratulations! I wish I could join you too. Don't forget the marvellous colossal Antinous as Dionysus in the Sala Rotunda of the Vatican Galleries. From memory it is appropriately kept watch from across the chamber over Nero's spectacular black basalt bath-tub in the centre of the Sala by two busts of Hadrian. A very touching salute in such a sanctified place.